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3C program

Creating Conservation Capacity (3C programme)

Zoo Outreach Organization’s Creating Conservation Capacity

programme is part of the Sally Walker Conservation Fund initiative. 

To meet the challenges of an ever-growing divide between

conservation needs and biodiversity / environment loss, the

3C programme is to provide the bridge between academic

training and real world requirements in conservation.  It’s aim is

to promote and build a strong base of theoretical and practical

wildlife practitioners.  The objective of the 3C programme is to

equip conservationists with knowledge, skills, patience, perseverance,

adaptability, and application.  The premise of the 3C programme is to share the knowledge from the real world with real examples from the biodiversity-rich world of challenges.  The programme provides local,

national, regional, and international expertise to deal with the requirements and challenges on the ground.


Quality and region-appropriate training is the key

With decades of applications for conservation at Zooreach, we believe that the best way forward for successful implementation is developing skills at the technical, managerial, administrative, funding, as well as policy levels.  There are many courses in the developed world, but the 3C programme caters to the needs of the biodiversity-rich developing world such as in India and southern Asia with unique regional challenges requiring lessons learnt from ongoing experiences.  At Zooreach we are passionate in building a strong foundation for aspiring young conservationists and graduates to learn and share experiences needed to further careers in conservation.

Past experience and future plans

Zooreach has been achieving its objective of training young conservationists for over two decades.  More than 5,000 young professionals in the field of conservation, research, and education have passed through one of the many courses conducted by Zooreach, such as the taxonomy and field techniques workshops and educator training workshops.  These 3–7 day workshops have captured inherent interests in students, amateurs, and early career professionals who have used the training effectively in establishing their career motives.  The trickle-down effect of these courses can be witnessed in the assessment, planning and implementation of conservation actions throughout southern Asia and in many parts of southeastern Asia.

History in building capacity

For over 30 years Zoo Outreach Organization has been at the forefront of training and capacity building in southern and southeastern Asia (in over 10 countries):

Built >1,500 young professionals through various Hands on Training courses

Built >1,500 Professional Conservation Educators

Built >1,000 Science Communicators through mentorship in 50 + countries

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