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Latha G Ravikumar, MBA

Latha has an MBA and in charge of the organization's finances, administration, and legalities. Aside from that, she is involved in most of the ZOO’s projects, which include Zoos' Print, scientific databases, web designing and developing, assistance with developing educational materials, travel planning, computer services, etc. She has been working with ZOO for 30 years.

Curriculum Vitae

Finance Director                    Treasurer

Zoo Outreach Organization             Wildlife Information & Liaison Development

12 Thiruvannamalai Nagar, Saravanampatti, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641035, India.



  • Incharge of finances, accounts, administration and legalities

  • Societies and Trust legalities, Income Tax, Foreign Regulation Act Maintenance

  • Organizing Travel and workshops

  • Web Designing &updates

  • Data entry work for various projects

  • Helping with Zoos’ Print and Journal of Threatened publication

  • Helping with developing and designing Educational materials


I was a part of all the major activities done by Zoo Outreach Organisation and Wildlife Information Liaison Development Society from 1991 to now, which are mentioned below.


  1. Over 200 educator training workshops in South Asia themed on hoolock gibbon, South Asian primates, amphibians, and human-animal conflict

  2. Developed numerous educational materials featuring species and issues, tigers, vultures, gharial, amphibian, hoolock gibbon, bears, primates, bats, primates, trade, improving zoos, human primate conflict, human-elephant conflict, etc.

  3. 30 national and international CBSG CAMP Workshops (Conservation Assessment and Management Plan) South Asia featuring selected mammal groups, reptiles, amphibians, freshwater fish, mangroves, medicinal plants, orchids, selected invertebrates, etc.

  4. 12 Population and Habitat Viability Assessment workshops in India and South Asia including Manipur Brow-Antlered Lion-tailed Macaque, Asiatic Lion, Ganges Gharial, Hoolock Gibbon, Barasingha RedPanda

  5. Numerous field techniques training workshops on lesser-known species for field biologists in South Asia featuring small mammals

  6. 10 Annual conferences of South Asian Association for Cooperation, SAZARC

  7. 6 Joint meetings of CBSG and RSG, Conservation Breeding Specialist Group and Reintroduction Specialist Group in SouthAsia

  8. Developed, Designed, and Printed Educational materials over 36 themed Against Wildlife Amphibians, Lion, Barasingha, Bats, Rats, Biodiversity Conservation, Daily life Wildlife, Bears, Freshwater Hoolock Gibbon, Invertebrate, Himalayan Lion-tailed Macaque, Manipur Brow-antlered Monkey Manners, Pollinators, Plants, Primates, Rhino, Spiders, Real Purpose of Zoos, and Vultures, Patrol, etc.

  9. ZOOS’ PRINTPublication

  10. Journal of Threatened

  11. Websites of ZOO and WILD


CPSG’s Citation of Excellence in recognition of her energetic, efficient & enthusiastic management of CPSG South Asia office since 1991.


+91 9363104324

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