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Rengasamy Marimuthu

Marimuthu is a M.Sc. in wildlife from A.V.C. College, Mayladuthurai. Marimuthu’s communication skill endears him to his target audiences who usually let down their guard and participate in the programmes completely.  He has had several trainings including the famous Jersey Training in Endangered Species Management and the World Conservation Society’s Education training in New York. He has been one of the more successful educator trainees involved in the Teachers for Tiger workshops of WCS & ZOO.

Curriculum Vitae

Present position: Senior Education Officer

Educational Qualification  M.Sc in Wildlife Biology & B.Ed


Work Experience:

2003 - present – Senior Education Officer, Zoo Outreach Organisation, Coimbatore, India 

1995-June 2003- Brunei Darussalam in Corporate sector

1990-1995-Research Assistant, Zoo Outreach Organisation, Coimbatore, India

1988-1990-Biologist, Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Vandalur, Chennai, India


Courses and Trainings attended:

September, 1991-Intrepretation and Conservation Education Workshop, Wildlife Institute of India.

November, December-1991-Zoo Management Training Wildlife Institute of India. 

Feb, 1992-International Environmental Education Training course, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

May-September, 1993-Captive Management and Breeding of Endangered species as an aid to Conservation,

Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust, Channel Islands, UK

March-May, 1994-India Environmental Education Workshop, ICCE, UK.



Wildlife Conservation Education fellowship program 31 May – 17 June 2006, Bronx Zoo, Wildlife Conservation Society, New York, USA.


Conferences attended:

International Zoo Educator’s Conference, Pretoria, South Africa, 2006.

3rd Asian Zoo Educator’s Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, 2011. 

4th International Congress on Zoo Keeping, Singapore, 2012.

4th Asian Zoo Educator’s meeting, Fukuoka, Japan 2013

15th Elephant and Rhino Conservation and Research Symposium, Singapore 2016


Conservation Education training programmes:

Trainer-70 teacher training workshops, 20 refresher courses and many school awareness programmes.  Themes tiger, hoolock gibbon, amphibians, bat, human-elephant coexistence-Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Nepal 2004-2018. 2000 teacher trainees.


Other Zoo related activities: 

Zoo Husbandry Workshop on Hoolock Gibbon at Dhaka Zoo, Bangladesh 2005.

Resource person-Central Regional Zoo Director’s conference, Ahmedabad, India 2005.

Zoo survey in Nepal (2007) of 26 captive animal facilities, UFAW with WAZA initiative to improve substandard zoos. 

Captive animal facilities survey in Bhutan, December 2009.

Coordinated 10 day zoo training for Kabul Zoo Officers in 6 South Indian Zoos, December 2009.

Coordinated another zoo training for Kabul Zoo Officers in Nov-Dec 2010 in 3 North Indian zoos. 

Resource person-Central Zoo Authority “Conservation Education and Zoos”, Patna Zoo, April 2010 and Bhopal 27 Feb-1 March 2012.

Coordinator of 4 South Asian Zoo Association for Regional Cooperation SAZARC conferences held in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. 

Resource person-Wildlife Institute of India’s Zoo Education Master Plan workshop Dec, 2014



Conservation Breeding Specialist Group, IUCN SSC

Commission on Education and Communication-IUCN

International Zoo Educators Association (IZE)

Society for Conservation Biology

International Society of Zoological Sciences


+91 98 42222774

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