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About Ram Hattikudur

These fellowships are in the memory of Ram Hattikudur, an aspiring young conservationist who passed away last year.

Ram was born on 3rd June 1996, and studied at the Vidya Shilp Academy in Bangalore for the most part until his Cambridge A levels (12th standard). From an early age, he was passionately interested in the environment and especially in conservation, and won many awards at the school level. He was also an avid reader and was keenly interested in other allied sciences. He published his first independent research paper in 2012, immediately after his 10th standard, which pertained to the analysis of diatom biota in urban water bodies to determine the extent of eutrophication, under the guidance of Dr. T.V Ramachandra of IISc’s Centre for Ecological Sciences.


He was selected for the MIT Media Lab Workshop Synthetic Biology Track in 2015, and was part of a team that designed an inexhaustible and eco-friendly graffiti spray using a genetically modified E coli that produced the colour and replicated within a small bioreactor within the paint can.


He interned at the University of Agricultural Sciences in Bangalore in 2015, working on two different projects in the Department of Plant Biotechnology, but the time he spent at NCBS Bangalore that year working on the effect of precipitation change on the mycorrhizae of Acacia nilotica, Bombax ceiba, and Sterculia alata plants was what gave him the greatest interest and satisfaction.


After completing his B.Sc in Microbiology at the St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore in 2019, he was in his second year doing his M.Sc at Bharatiya Vidya Peeth, Pune, in Wildlife Conservation and Action and preparing for his Ph.D entrance exams that he passed away in October 2020. It was his dream to do a Ph.D at NCBS after interning at the Zoo Outreach Organisation. 


Ram is missed deeply by his family and friends, and we hope that his dreams live on through the bright young Fellows who join the Ram Hattikudur Advanced Training in Conservation run by the Zoo Outreach Organisation.

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