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Our 1st Batch Fellows make us proud

2021-22 RHATC Fellow Ashritha Anoop

"RHATC fellowship program is something that sets you apart from others in the field. There are lots of skills that will be of help during your wildlife career and in future. I personally liked the facilitation skills and working with groups. I have been implementing the skills that I have learned from the course to work by providing education and awareness on wildlife conservation to children at our Holematthi Nature Information Centre through various activities which are important to address in the landscape (Cauvery and MM Hills Wildlife Sanctuary) including conservation issues related to land and the river ecosystem. I have been working as a project coordinator at Nature Conservation Foundation and Holematthi Nature Foundation. I look forward for ways to protect threatened and endangered species through various projects in the future.

RHATC fellowship program provides you a family of wildlife conservationists and friends for life who support and encourage you throughout your wildlife journey. There are experts whom you can look up to and learn from throughout the course and even after that."



  • A four-month integrated course.

  • Three and half months residential in-house training.

  • 15 days practical field-based challenges.

  • Residential course based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

  • Fully or partially funded fellows.

  • Bridging academics and conservation realities.


  • Principles of conservation biology.

  • Conservation ethics

  • Tools and techniques in conservation.

  • National and international conservation policies.

  • Dynamics of conservation GOs & NGOs.

  • Systematic education & outreach techniques.

  • Prioritising conservation actions.

  • Scientific and popular communication skills.

  • Fund-raising and associated skills.

  • Skill sets for a startup.



  • Resolve a conservation challenge.

  • Develop skill sets in assessments and planning.

  • Exposure to real-time conservation needs.

  • A window into conservation NGOs.

  • Potential opportunities for internship.

  • Potential job opportunities with
    conservation organizations.

  • Pursuing conservation careers

  • Potential to start your own organization.

  • Exposure to experts in the field.

  • Develop leadership skills.

Highlights of RHATC (Batch 2021-22)

Course in Action

Course in Action

12 October 2021

The Ram Hattikudur Advanced Training in Conservation (RHATC) Course begins at Zoo Outreach Organization. 10 Fellows, 4 months, young leaders, conservation careers. In honour of Sally R. Walker on her 78th birthday and in memory of Ram Hattikudur, this in-house programme started off with an introduction to Ram's life and a brief history of Sally's contributions to wildlife conservation by Sanjay Molur, whose dream of 25 years comes to life.

Celebrating Sally Walker by launching the first batch of the 4-month advanced training in conservation course. Our fellows learning about her wonderful adventurous life in wildlife conservation.


© Payal Molur


The SWCF & 3C Programme


Sally Walker, the founder of Zoo Outreach Organization, was a visionary and influencer in the field of zoos and wildlife conservation.  Her contributions led to many radical changes to the way zoos are looked at. Her works on the good zoo - bad zoo partnership established guidelines the world over through the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Sally worked tirelessly to promote wildlife conservation in the field establishing various taxonomic networks, assessing multiple species & ecosystems, and developing plans. Sally’s contributions impacted the way education and outreach was looked at.  She developed unique styles of communicating science for conservation and her legacy is still carried forward in varied programs in scientific publications, citizen science, human-wildlife coexistence, zoos, among others. She was an inspiration to the world, and promoted young talent constantly by providing facilities, support, and building capacity.

In honoring and carrying out Sally’s vision, Zoo Outreach Organization has established the Sally Walker Conservation Fund. ZOO seeks your help and contribution to this Conservation Fund to continue her legacy.

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