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Dr. Sanjay Molur

Sanjay has been involved in conservation for close to three decades working on various aspects from theory to practical application.  He is a global expert on conservation assessments and planning.  He has assessed over 10,000 taxa from India, southern Asia, southeastern Asia, Africa, and South America across several taxonomic groups. Sanjay adores biodiversity with no particular affiliation to species groups, although when pushed he indicates groups he has worked on in the field — amphibians, tarantulas, rodents, bats, primates, macro fungi, and aquatic plants — as good indicators.  He is passionate to work on species that require the most attention, least studied, most persecuted, and considered less charismatic. He is the Chief Editor of the monthly, international, open access, peer-reviewed, Journal of Threatened Taxa.  He represents several SSC IUCN specialist groups and represents international boards such as the Alliance for Zero Extinction and the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund. The ongoing Ram Hattikudur Advanced Training in Conservation (RHATC) course is his brainchild base on his own experience and development from a similar training he received as an early career conservationist in the early 1990s. 

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Curriculum Vitae

Responsibilities as on 01 November 2021

Executive Director, Zoo Outreach Organization (ZOO) Trust [India] | (2005– current)

President / Chief Executive Officer, Zoo Outreach Organization (ZOO) [USA] | (2018–current)

Founder / Secretary, Wildlife Information Liaison Development (WILD) Society (1999–current) #12 Thiruvannamalai Nagar, Saravanampatti, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641035, India.


Founder & Chief Editor, Journal of Threatened Taxa (JoTT) | (2009– current)

Founder & Chief Editor, Zoos’ Print Journal (ZPJ) | (1999–2007)

Editor, Zoo’s Print (ZP) | (1999–current)


Co-chair, SSC IUCN South Asian Invertebrate Specialist Group (2021–current)

Co-chair, Amphibian Network of South Asia (1995–current)

Co-chair, Amphibian Specialist Group - South Asia (1995–current) Co-chair, South Asian Reptile Network (1998–current)

Vice-chair, Primate Specialist Group - South Asia (2008–current)

Co-convenor, Conservation Planning Specialist Group - South Asia Regional Resource Centre (2010–current)

Red List Focal Point for IUCN SSC Primate SG

Red List Authority for IUCN SSC South Asian Invertebrate SG (2008–current)


Profile in brief:

Experience of over 28 years in the field of wildlife with specialization in species and ecosystem conservation, collaborative approaches to conservation, climate change mitigation, human dimensions, citizen science and promotion of awareness, advocacy, action on the ground with stakeholder participation, conservation policies especially relating to freshwaters and protected areas, in tools and processes of species & habitat conservation, innovative ways of disseminating scientific information rapidly, and ex situ conservation strategies.

Scientific publication citations:

Google (in November 2021):                                                                 Scopus (in November 2021):             Author ID        6602430335

Citations            5797                                                                           Documents       42

h-index              28                                                                                Citations          2588

           i-10 index60h-index14




International representations:

  • Steering Committee Member of the Alliance for ZeroExtinction

  • Review Committee Member of the Mohammed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund (2012–2018)

  • Amphibian Specialist Group, SSC, IUCN

  • Conservation Planning Specialist Group, SSC, IUCN

  • Primate Specialist Group, SSC, IUCN

  • Small Mammal Specialist Group, SSC, IUCN

  • South Asian Invertebrate Specialist Group, SSC, IUCN

  • Spider & Scorpion Specialist Group, SSC, IUCN

  • Freshwater Plants Specialist Group, SSC IUCN

  • Western Ghats Plants Specialist Group, SSC IUCN


Indian representations:

  • Indian Society for Conservation Biology, TBGRI, Thiruvananthapuram

  • DNA Fingerprinting Society, CCMB, Hyderabad


Scientific and technical publications:

More than 75 scientific peer reviewed publications, 7 book chapters, and 50 technical reports.


  • Assessed more than 10,000 species of fauna and flora within South Asia at the global and regional levels.

  • Successfully run a gold open access international monthly journal that builds evidence for conservation globally.

  • Successfully communicate science for conservation through platinum open access monthly international magazine.

  • Initiated and successfully run many innovative conservation programmes.

  • Trained and built up more than 1,000 international conservation leaders.

  • Developed the biodiversity conservation component of the Smart Cities Master Plan for lakes in Coimbatore

  • Established two citizen science projects with more than 250 participants contributing to data collection, policy, education, and outreach.

  • Guiding young leaders in conservation for the future through the four-month in house course Ram Hattikudur Advanced Training in Conservation.



  • Recognized IUCN Leader for conservation of species.

  • IUCN SSC Conservation Achievement Award2008.

  • Wildlife Service Award 2020 by Sanctuary Foundation.

  • A species of southern Western Ghats thomisid spider named by Dr. B.H. Patel in 2003—

       Strigoplus moluri Patel, 2003.

  • A species of freshwater fish from northern Western Ghats named by Unmesh Katwate and team — Katwate, Jadhav, Kumar, Raghavan & Dahanukar, 2016.


+91 96778 22997

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